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Achieve educational success in a global environment

Personal & Group Libraries

Include discussions polls members of group

3D Interactive Calendar

Due dates across differing types of groups and multiple groups within a category (e.g., classes)

IAM Profile

IAM video, collections of your must-reads, authored docs/vids/podcasts as well as all references accumulated


Find, invite, request to join all groups and connect within and across institutions, departments, programs, grades and subjects, etc.

Learning for the 21st Century

Learning across differences


Discussions - you choose topics
Polls - you form questions
Groups - you invite and request
Docs/Vids/Podcasts - you determine importance
Flex-classes - you determine student leaders, observers, community resources


To solve problems
To engage in research projects
To study together

Communicate & Collaborate

To form mentor/mentee relations
To form close, personalized pedagogical relations
To get international perspectives across languages including: English, Spanish, French and Chinese